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26 1659d 20h janik / phd thesis citations  
25 2726d 20h janik / TechReport entry type for supertex template  
24 2748d 17h janik / sameauthoremdash option for supertex template  
23 2872d 22h janik / fixed error in bib file parser - there is possibility to have multiple spaces between the '=' character  
22 2975d 07h janik / urls are marked as \url  
21 3356d 02h janik / new definitions for tex character encoding  
20 3356d 02h janik / error reporting fix  
19 3884d 23h janik / fixed bug in bib parser: entryId had first character truncated  
18 3902d 00h janik / each database was written into log multiple times  
17 3939d 00h janik / version 0.3  
16 4043d 03h janik / character 'a' with wierd accent  
15 4047d 01h janik / - \bibliographystyle templates are accepting params
- (no)autoothers param for slovaknum and slovakbase templates
14 4057d 06h janik / school is used instead of publisher for PhdThesis entry  
13 4065d 05h janik / new characters for texcoding conversion  
12 4074d 00h janik / some fixes  
11 4415d 18h janik / Fixed bug with \_  
10 4416d 06h janik / - New entry types
- Compatibility with cslatex
9 4421d 00h janik / Fixed encoding of source files  
8 4421d 02h janik / Added GPL license and copyright information to sources  
7 4422d 22h janik / - Fixed problems with disabled access to parent block from class declaration in python
- as is keyword from Python 2.6
- block separator can be defined in @isoentry decorator
- texcoding fixed
- new version of supertex template from Michal Abaffy

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